READ FIRST! Support policy.

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READ FIRST! Support policy.

Postby Alex » Thu May 18, 2017 8:07 pm

1. To get FREE professional help from your support staff, please, provide as much information as you can - links, examples, screenshots with problems, step by step instructions of your issues. Before submitting ticket on our forum, please, recheck wether this problem is presented on our demo. In this case it will be easier for our developer to make quick fix on our demo and your side.

2. Please, carefully read what is support -

Please, carefylly read what isn't included in support item -

We are glad to make support for our customers. But we hope for your understanding if we refuse in making customization. Because customization isn't part of FREE regular support package with the theme.

3. We are ready to provide customization service if your issue is out of the measures of our FREE regualr support package with the theme.

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