wowmall pre-sale questions

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wowmall pre-sale questions

Postby dddarko85 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:45 am


I have a couple of pre-sale questions

1. does wowmall have child-theme prepared

2.can cart, wishlist, compare ect. in top bar have on-hover tooltip with their names ( currently it is hardly recognizable to me which icon leads where, and i'm creating a store, so customers don't stand a chance.


Idealy, page name shoud roll out on the left side of icon on-hover ( and it should be nice, clean font


3. on sticky header, can cart also have a title on left side, or can icon be larger

4. ON PRODUCT PAGE, can description accordion be open by default ?

5. on listing view, can price be placed right, in line with product title, and options are visible on-hover
( i find this view not customer friendly. Customers tend to hover over products for second picture, or just to focus on particular product in a list where there are many. if they don't catch the price in that short moment, they would have to move to another product to view the price of which they are interested in, this makes no sense and not user friendly.

suggestion: IMAGE:

6. on search, can SEARCH PRODUCTS... title be centered, or can input field have a border of some sort, currently it's not easy to notice

These are all pre-sale questions, and if any of above couldn't be modified by me with some sort of instructions from your side. can your team modify it for a fee ???

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

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Re: wowmall pre-sale questions

Postby andrew » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:33 am


Thank you for the interest to our theme.
Referring your questions:

1. YEs.
2. No. We don't have such option.
3. You can update the size of the icon in correspondent css. Adding title requires manual code editing
4. We can provide small script for this purpose.
5. You can have this by updating template in child theme.
6. You can have this by adding new styles in child theme .

Best regards,
support team

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